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I just wanted to justify the reason why I have been so long away from Deviantart and why I havent been uploading any face painting.
The reasons are;
1. I havent had any time, Ive been studying the whole year
2. I no longer have a camera, it got stolen, so I didnt want to take photos on my phone because the quality is pooish
3. I no longer have good face paints, they ran out and I don't have any money to buy more and thats the main reason
The last few times that I have tried to paint something on myself I have ended up really angry or depressed because I feel like I'm not good enough anymore because my paints are shit, so that extremly got on my nerves!

Also, I'm not saying that I have now got paints, I've just found another way to entertain myself, instead of painting, dressing up, so until I don't get some money I won't be uploading any face painting, I'll just upload the best I can!
Skjalandir Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
I forgot to ask. What type do facepaint do you prefer to use anyways?
Skjalandir Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
That sucks about the camera and paints. Even if you don't have the best face paints now, I say still go for it! It just makes it that much more of a challenge. In addition with what we have seen of your stuff already we will know that at least the effort was there, and appreciate it:)
Arisusandasu Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
Thank you :)))
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